Package’s delivery

Deliveries are made in speedy times, normally in few days after having received the payment confirmation (or the commision itself for counterfoil payment or Paypal). We make deliveries customarily one time every day. Orders received after 11:00 am are considered as arrived the day after. If there were reasons that would make necessary more time, we would strove to tip you off.

For our speditions we use the servicies offered by GLS.

We ask as a cost-plus a contribution fee of € 12,00 for each order: it is composed of €3,00 for cost-plus of collection fees and €9.00 for transportation fees. In case of packages particularly voluminous or heavy we would ask an extra for the shippingg fees. For speditions to Islands the tranportation fees’ contribution cost €24,00.

We would guarantee you a link to check online your package’s travel for whatever spedition you would choose.

It will be done a quotation on transportation fees case by case for foreign deliveries, because the cost depends on the destination and the weight/volume of the package.

Delivery’s information

If was received a damaged, opened or with evident signs of tampering package, it would be compulsory to open it in front of the carrier and check the merchandise condition or to affix the notice ‘accepted to checking’ on the delivery bill or to signal on the same the number of broken or missing packages.

If this processes were not followed, damages or thefts warning of the packages would not be taken into consideration.

Withdrawal’s conditions

Every buyer can avail himself of the Right of withdrawal, following the Legislative Decree n.50 of 15.01.1992 and the Legislative Decree n.185 of 22.05.1999, giving back in 10 days from the delivery, provided that it would be intact, not used and into its original package.

if the ordered delivery didn’t have your appreciation, we would garantee its restitution to us or its refund, except fot the transportation fees the re-credit cost. The re-credit or the substitution of the package will be done only after our verification of the merchandise’s entirety