Racing parts for Lancia Fulvia wheel camber modification

There are different ways to modify in negative the camber of Lancia Fulvia front wheel. If you consider a Fuvia 1°series that takes part in competitions and want to vary the camber without exceeding in the maximum size of the wheel track, you need to choose shorten upper suspension arms. Combined with this modification it is possible to assemble eccentric bushings of the lower arms, that allow a further modification of the camber. If the car is homologated in Gr. 4 and the regulations allow a lenghten of the wheel track, it is possible to assemble lenghted lower arms, that combined with shortened upper arms permit the front suspension to have the peculiar angles identical to the ones of Fulvia 1.6 HF (keep attention because the total camber obtained is also influenced by the car’s height from ground). Our arms are made modifying the series arms supplied by the costumer. The modification is made using specific templates that allow to control squaring and radial runout. You obtain shortened upper arms and lenghtened lower arms followed by a forward move of the lower hub’s pivot, in order to increase the wheel angle of incident. Our arms are re-varnished, moreover in the lenghtened lower arms the connection of the anti-roll bar and of the shock absorber are modificated, and on request eccentric bushings can be assembled. Furthermore on request upper and lower suspension joints and lower arms bushings can be supplied. If you want to obtain a high value of negative camber modifying only lower arms we suggest to change the axle shaft lenght 


SHORTENED UPPER ARMS= limited camber variation in negative with unchanged wheel track

LOWER ECCENTRIC BUSHINGS= lenghtening of the lower arms of 8 mm without variation in the angle of incidence, possibility of regulation end of the camber

LENGHTENED LOWER ARMS= maximum lenghtening of the lower arm, linked to the increase of the angle of incidence