Rosso Corsa Italia offers since 2010 a series of services dedicated to passionate owners of Lancia Fulvia.

Race preparation:

  •  We can carry out every step of the car provision: bodies and frames squaring and strengthening on work bench.
  •  Assembling security system according to the FIA norm: roll-bar assembly, extinguishment system, homologated seats, seat-bells, other devices.
  •  Shell car lightening: bodywork, insides, accessories, electrical system, glasses made from Lexan
  •  Equipment, with selected solutions for the typology of race: shock absorbers, lengthened attachments for camber variation, stiff frames for suspensions and anti rolling boards.
  •  Brakes: complete revision of the braking system, brake vacuum pumps, aeronautical tubes, brake pressure regulator, specific brake pads for every typology of race, hand brake lever Fly-Off
  •  Accessory assembly: undercarriage cover, supplementary car lights, remake dashboards, supplementary tools
  •  Fuel supply: assembly of electric pumps and replenishment of the tank with anti detonating material according to the FIA norm.
  •  Mechanic preparation: thanks to reliable collaborations, we can follow the client during whatever provision of every type and level about Lancia Fulvia motors and gears

Repair services: we carry out bodywork and engine or gearbox reparation on your cars, finding every necessary spare part, for both street cars and race cars

Recondition work: we carry out complete restorations of the car bodywork and clockwork, totally complying with the car genuinely authenticity and availing ourself of a full well-researched source

New spare parts, whenever is possible, or serviced secondhand spare parts sale. We can ship worldwide






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